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Land of the Lost may refer to:

Land of the Lost (1974 TV series), the original 1974 children's television series Land of the Lost (1991 TV series), the 1991 remake of the 1974 series Land of the Lost (film), a 2009 Will Ferrell comedy film loosely based on the 1974 series


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Michael says

"Saddle bags look good but install is not like stated in add. I will not drill holes in the saddle bags nor will I drill holes in my Harley-Davidson fender. Bike cost way too much for that kind of install. The turn signal relocation kit has a piece of metal that I would not put on my Harley. I need to return them promptly. order number 447444. I filled out return form on line have not got a response yet."

Drew Thacker says

"People are supposed to review Vikingbags on customer service? WHAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! I never even received a response by phone , mail or email after leaving several emails and messages. They then send me a “review your customer service experience “!!!!! Really? I tried to review them but when I put “unsatisfied “ it conveniently transferred over to a page telling me the ticket could not be reviewed because the ticket had been closed. I was sold some nice bags but at checkout they recommended I NEED to have a license plate relocation kit for my model bike, and it wasn’t for my bike at all. That’s when I started leaving messages requesting a refund on an unopened, untouched item, But never heard back and once again, conveniently it’s now past the return time. I would shop elsewhere!"

Kerry says

"I purchased the Extra Large Hammer Series Motorcycle Saddlebags on July 20, 2020. When I received my order I waited a couple of days to install the saddlebags. After installing the first bag I looked for the key to the locks in every parts bag included with the order, I also looked in both saddlebags, the inside pocket of each bag and the original box the saddlebags were shipped in. There was no key shipped with my order. As the main reason I ordered this set was that the saddlebags included keyed locks on 7/24/2020 I sent both email and chat requests to customer support asking that the issue be resolved. I immediately received automated replies to both saying it would take up to 2 days to research and reply to my support request. On 7/28/2020 after not receiving any further emails, other than the twice daily advertising emails they send, from the company I submitted follow up requests, which were also ignored. On 7/29/2020 I accepted their offer to write a review for my purchase. In the review I provided the same information as I have in this review, the same rating and same type of language. As previously stated by other reviewers the company basically doesn't post the negative reviews and seems to have disabled my account since I submitted my review. The company still has not replied about my specific issue, has obviously rigged the ratings that are posted on the site by not allowing negative reviews to be published and seems intent on refusing to address any issue one may have with the purchase of the company products. If you are looking for even slight customer service from a company stay away from also just because they advertise that a product has certain features do not assume it actually does or that the company will make it right if it doesn't."

Customer says

"There was no response to my emails for updates on my item. No one answered my calls and didn't call back. I had to fix my own shipping issue with Fed Ex because your folks sending it to the wrong address. By the way I had to call and try fixing the issue while waiting for someone to start chatting with me in it for more than an hour in which I went from 5th in the que to #1 and still didn't get anyone. Repeated attempts asking for a refund of the shipping fee was just ignored. I guess me having to fix the shipping foul up myself and just being ignored is the way you treat your customers. I guess the only way to let everyone know how bad your service is to blast it on Social Media. How does a business keep customers this way."

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